Prof. Eyiwunmi Falaye – Symposium moderator

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  • Professor A. Eyiwunmi FALAYE, B.Sc., B.Sc.(Hons) (Plymouth, England), M.Sc. (Stirling, Scotland) Ph.D. (Ibadan)., M.FISON,M.MBA(U.K.)M.NAAS,M.NTAS, M.NFS,M.AFS(U.S) M.FISNET PROFESSOR Area of Specialisation Aquaculture-Fish Nutrition and Environmental Management. Office: First Floor, Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management Building Tel: +234(803 215 5435) +234(2017 6580)

Professor A. E. Falaye of the University of Ibadan is a renowned Aquaculture and Fisheries expert with over 37 years’ experience as a vibrant Researcher, Lecturer with active engagement in local and international community development. His areas of specialization include Aquaculture Production Systems, Hatchery Management and Fish Nutrition and Environmental Management, where he has successfully pioneered cost effective fish feeds development from locally available agro-industrial by-products.

Currently, he has over 150 publications, consisting of Books, Journal articles, Referred conference proceedings and Technical reports. He has successfully supervised 23 PhD Theses, 48 M.Sc Dissertations and several B.Sc special projects. He was a recipient of the prestigious British Royal Society Fellowship for his research on the Nutrition of Malawi Tilapia, (Oreochromis karongae) at the School of Biological Sciences, University of North Wales in Bangor, Wales.

Professor Falaye was also a member of the Presidential Committee on Fisheries Development and Alternate Chairman of Aquaculture (2004-2006), that provided the Blueprint for Fisheries development in Nigeria, he is a well-respected member of different professional bodies namely; Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, Nigerian Association of Aquatic Sciences, Network of Tropical Aquaculture Scientists (NTAS) ICLARM The Philippines, Nigerian Field Society, American Fisheries Society, Board of Africa FISHNET (PAF-NEPAD), UNFCCC.AU Expert Group on Ocean, Board of Trustees, Association of Nigerian Fisheries Scientists (ANIFS) 2018 – Till date, Nigeria Organic Agriculture Network (NOAN) 2018- Till date, he is a Fellow of the Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON).

Prof. Falaye has served in the various leadership positions like; Head of Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management from 2002 to 2006, Dean of Students 2006-2012, Chairman – Committee of Deans of Students of Nigerian Universities (CODESANU) 2011-2014. He was Fisheries Consultant to Education Tax Fund (ETF) on the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (UNAAB) Centre of Excellence Integrated Fish Production Project (2001-2004).

He was the consultant on the ECOWAS Fund Accelerated Artisanal Fish Production Project of the Federal Department of Fisheries, Federal Ministry of Agriculture in 2006-2007, he was also a member of Stakeholder Council of the World’s Marine Stewardship Council, (MSC) (2000 till 2017) and participated in the Governance Review of the Council in Washington DC, USA. He became Chairman of the Developing World Working Group of MSC from 2014 till 2017. He is the current Chairman of the Board of Africa-Fishnet of NEPAD (2016 till date). He was also been appointed as a Member of the African Union (AU) Aquaculture Think-Tank (2013), Member of the AU African Fisheries Reform Mechanism in 2016.

He has consulted as Fisheries and Aquatic Scientist to various agencies and programmes such as World Bank, African Development Bank, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), British Government-Department for International Development (DFID), Food Basket International Foundation, Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). He has contributed to the Commonwealth Consultative Workshop on Technological Development in Africa, consultancy on Aquaculture Information Networking in Africa for the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), Accra, Ghana, providing expert services on Aquaculture, Small scale Fisheries, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Post Impact Assessment Studies for oil companies and he undertook a World Bank funded Project as the Coordinating Consultant for three States Environmental Action Plans (SEAP). He has consulted widely for the African Union Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources, World Fish, European Union and worked closely with African Regional bodies like ECOWAS in recent times


  • Opening symposium

    The opening symposium is aimed at discussing a very important issue in mentoring at the postgraduate level. Seasoned senior academics have been selected to lead discussions on the topic “Theory, Reality and Challenges of Collaborative Doctoral Education and training: Supervisor-Supervisee perspectives”