Prof Adenike Emeke- Symposium

  • Professor
  • Professor of Educational Evaluation, Science education and Counselling Psychology

Prof. E. Adenike Emeke who had her university education at the prestigious Nigeria’s premier University, University of Ibadan, obtained her research-based doctoral degree in the discipline of educational evaluation in 1996; this is after studying Science Education (Zoology) and Guidance & Counselling at my Bachelors and Master degree programmes. She became a professor on 1st Oct, 2007 and has been carrying out research and teaching at the tertiary level for well over 25 years as well as being involved in contractual evaluation of programmes & projects and consulting services. She has also served in various capacities at different levels.

She has been teaching courses in Research Methods, Tests & Measurement, Educational Evaluation, Construction of Questionnaires and Rating Scalesas well as Evaluation & Monitoring of Programmes and Projectsat the post-graduate level. She pioneered, along with two of my colleagues, the teaching of the course on Qualitative Research Methods and Techniques of Seminar Presentation at the International Centre for Educational Evaluation, University of Ibadan. She has successfully supervised to completion the research work of seventeen (17) Ph.D. candidates, over 20 Master level candidates, 10 undergraduate degree candidates and many Postgraduate Diploma degree candidates. I have taught Counseling Psychology Courses and Special Education Coursesat the Diploma and Degree Levels.

Prof Emeke’s teaching career at the university level has spanned through the diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She supervised Teaching Practice of the Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan, in the area of Science Education from 1981 to 2006. She moderate the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Examinations and Teaching Practice of the Colleges of Education affiliated to the University of Ibadan through the Institute of Education. The diversity of my research interest and my belief in broad-base research has enabled me to have supervised the theses of students on topics with gender components and also collaborated with colleagues to carry out researches on gender main-streaming as well as other gender issues.

Prof. Emeke is experienced in providing leadership in educational research and evaluation and in serving as programme leader in educational research methods in a University environment. For example, She was a sub team leader in the study on Monitoring of Learning Achievement (MLA) carried out in 2004 by the Institute of Education, University of Ibadan and jointly sponsored by UNICEF and UNESCO through the Federal Ministry of Education. She played the same role in the project: National Assessment of Educational Performance (NAEP)in 2007. In 2011, She leads a team of researchers at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Kenya on three research projects. She also facilitated workshops at the University.


  • Opening symposium

    The opening symposium is aimed at discussing a very important issue in mentoring at the postgraduate level. Seasoned senior academics have been selected to lead discussions on the topic “Theory, Reality and Challenges of Collaborative Doctoral Education and training: Supervisor-Supervisee perspectives”